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My Recommended iPad App for Autism Intervention Providers/Parents: 

Junganew: A Herd of Sounds-“S” by Junganew LLC

This App is an adorable, artistically creative, and repetative storybook-game-practice drill-language activity App in one, originally designed by fellow speech therapist and App developer Esther Giordano MA/CCC-SLP to address articulation of  the “S” sound. What I found very interesting is that the sweet drawings, slower paced speech, and misc. places to visit (beach, funhouse, kitchen, classroom etc. ) all appeal to children with Autism who are more verbal and ready for simple conversations that don’t whiz by, like many Apps out there.  The cute “bug-eyed” look of every watercolored character allows me to point out/work on eye contact with children with Autism, slowly amd methodically. The five opportunities for visual modeling (mirrors) and the eight opportunities to address topic maintenance and specific wh? questions, all allow me to unbotrusively and more naturally work my social skills goals right into the lesson! This App is more versatile than you may think, and at $4.99 USD it is totally worth a try!

Penina Rybak MA/CCC-SLP,TSHH
Speech-Language Pathologist and Educational Technology Consultant
Author: Autism Intervention in the iEra: The Integration of Toys and Tech in Treatment